Kardashian V West! Popularity Contest As Kim And Kanye Set To Both Appear In Vegas On The Same Night

October 20, 2013

The singer, who is no stranger to stripping down, posted a photo in a thong accentuating her behind to her over 40 million Twitter followers Friday. Twitter Lady Gaga posted this picture to her Twitter account on 10/18/13 Aside from showing off her assets, she appears to be promoting one of her new tracks, in which she has collaborated with R. Kelly. "Official Do What U Want Feat @RKelly Cover Art.
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Anastasia Ashley, Twerking Surfer, Imitates Kim Kardashian In Swimsuit Pose (PHOTO)

She used to be so much more into the fame game, but now that shes drifting away from the family and trying to do her own thing, http://www.kimksextape.org/tommy-lee-pamela-anderson-sex-tape/ shes becoming more adamant about doing things on her own terms and keeping it low-key. It took her a while to learn the value of privacy, and to abandon the idea of another over-the-top wedding, but shes getting there thanks to Kanyes influence." Not only that, but she can't forget how humiliating the public backlash was when she decided to separate from Kris after only 72 days of marriage!! We were excited to read about their rumored wedding ideas, but if they've come to this realization instead, well that works out just as well. Maybe it'll actually work better and they'll defy the odds of a typical Hollywood relationship!
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Kim Kardashian Shares Nearly Nude Selfie, Complains About Privacy

A tweet of her imitating Kim Kardashian might help keep her there. Ashley, a part-time model , strikes the same pose in a swimsuit similar to what Kardashian wore in her "no filter" Instagram photo that electrified the Web this week. Anastasia Ashley (@AnastasiaAshley) October 18, 2013 "She is just having fun and enjoying herself," an Ashley rep told The Huffington Post. Ashley, runner-up at this year's Pipeline Women's Pro, was filmed in August doing a booty-shaking warmup dance at the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, Calif., and she reaped considerable attention for it. COMPARE ASHLEY'S PHOTO TO KARDASHIAN'S: Contribute to this Story:
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On October 25 reality star Kim is charging fans $40 to help her celebrate her 33rd birthday at the Tao nightclub in the Venetian casino on October 25. Power couple: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are holding rival events for fans in Las Vegas on October 25 Meanwhile rapper Kanye, 36, will be in concert the same night just along the Strip at the MGM Grand casino's massive Garden Arena. While Kim's bash could accommodate up to 2,500 guests at full capacity, it seems likely that there will be more Kanye fans in town - the arena seats up to 16,800. It's clear which of the two celebrities has the most earning power.
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Why Zac Posen Thinks About Kim Kardashian Each Morning

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves.I heard people say, 'When you're breastfeeding, you can eat whatever you want'. ''After I had Nori, I didn't give myself that excuse. I'd end up wearing my mom's sweatpants forever!'' Kim flaunts some impressive cleavage at Paris Fashion Week (Photo: Splash News) Kim's interview comes after she caused chaos online this week after she took to Instagram to post a buff flashing selfie, with the reality babe posing in a mirror wearing a racy, white swimsuit. However, despite some saying that she shouldn't be posing so provocatively because she's now a mother, according to sources, she and Kanye "couldn't care less" about the backlash that the photo has received.
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How Do Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj Rank Among Instagram's Sexiest Selfies?

Nick Jonas We know just how Nick might be spending his time now that the Jonas Brothers are on hiatus . He'll likely be working on those now-famous abs, which he first flaunted and made quite a few headlines with over the summer. Justin Bieber Bieber might be the undisputed king of leaving his shirt elsewhere when a camera is around. On any given day, the singer posts a shot of himself sans shirt.
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Kim Kardashian Confesses She 'Put Herself Under A Lot Of Pressure To Lose Weight' After North's Birth

She wants to keep some secrets but she still wants people to talk about her. Kim has posted a few photos of her daughter Nori and frequently uses Instagram and Twitter to share scandalous photos of herself. Its an interesting battle that the public will get to watch via social media. Will the vane, self-absorbed Kim Kardashian win? Or will the new mother of Nori be triumphant?
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"Was I good babysitter? I hope so," he says. "I was definitely a fun babysitter. It's funny, [in a recent article] she talked about sort of the nurturing role [I had in her life], but she was a very inspiring young girl." And what is it like to dress her now like he did for the 2013 Golden Globes ? "It's wonderful and incredibly gratifying.
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